Replace the VB data control and get added features

ComponentOne True DataControl® 8.0 is an ActiveX® control that replaces the VB data control with scores of added features, freeing you from the hours of coding formerly needed to build intuitive database front-end applications. You can stop repeatedly coding business logic, data validation, and error handling in each data-aware control. Just specify business logic, data relationships and constraints, and even UI and data presentation features as a set of rules at design time with absolutely no code - True DataControl will enforce them at run time!

Simplify Development

  • True DataControl simplifies the construction of query forms by completely eliminating manual coding and the need for an in-depth understanding of SQL
  • Eliminate event procedures for all kinds of controls when True DataControl recognizes end user field changes
  • Query by Example in Visual Basic — without writing any code — using enhanced and flexible Filter by Form functionality
  • Impose constraints on individual fields or on the record as a whole
  • Define a formula to create a calculated field dependent on the values of other fields
  • Define fields at design time, and True DataControl creates internal memory storage in the same way that it manages data from a database

Customize Your Application

  • Assign formulas to any properties of any controls on the form, even if they are not data-aware
  • Create customized data sources with event-driven code
  • Specify the value to be assigned to a field in a new record and make it dependent on parameters


  • Specify one data source — the detail — as dependent on another data source — the master.
  • Allow parameters in the underlying SQL statement at design time
  • Allow expressions to be assigned to parameters so they can be used without any manual coding
  • Place a data source into one-to-one correspondence with another data source
  • ComponentOne True DataControl supports filter expressions that restrict the contents of the data source