The most robust ActiveX grid

ComponentOne True DBGrid® is the most robust grid available for enterprise-wide database front-end application development. End users can browse, edit, add, and delete data in a tabular format with True DBGrid. It includes dozens of advanced data access, data presentation, and UI features.

Data Options

  • Allow your users to explore data in different projections and hierarchies with OLAP support
  • True DataControl™ integration adds powerful data access and manipulation capabilities
  • Summarize complex data concisely with True DataControl Lite's crosstab presentation support
  • Present data in different formats: Form View and Inverted Mode provide context for your data
  • Save single grid layouts to a file and reuse them in other projects
  • Store multiple layouts in a single grid at design time, then load them as needed in code
  • Save user layout preferences to a file and recall them the next time the application runs

Display Options

Performance Options

  • Track the location of your scroll bar, and give users an informational pop-up window with scroll tracking and scroll tips as the scroll bar moves

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  • Enhanced print options — like additional zoom and print preview capabilities — give you full control over printing
  • True DBGrid includes support for both right-to-left and left-to-right languages
  • Select any range of cells in addition to selecting rows and columns
  • Implement custom end-user operations — like incremental search and recordset filtering — with an easy-to-use interface
  • Allow end users to dynamically reorder or group fixed, non-scrolling columns on the left side of the grid as in Microsoft Outlook

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