Improve Data Input in ActiveX apps

Streamline the process of building enterprise-wide database applications with ComponentOne True DBInput®. You'll save valuable coding time, and your end users will get the functionality they need. You can also link True DBInput controls directly into ComponentOne True DBGrid® cells.

Built-in Data-entry Aids

You can enter dates using a handy drop-down calendar, and you can enter numeric fields using a drop-down calculator.

Automatic Data Translation

Database values can be automatically formatted for display. For example, a numeric Social Security Number can be displayed with the hyphens without storing them with the data. You can present dates and times to the end user in a readable format independent of the underlying data storage format.

Data-sensitive Displays

With True DBInput, you can use color-coding to signify meaning in data entry. For example, negative numbers can be displayed in red. You could also define dates as holidays or as other significant days, like payroll dates, and display them in a special color in the drop-down calendar.

Integration with ComponentOne Studio True DBGrid

True DBInput controls work seamlessly with ComponentOne Studio True DBGrid to provide a complete solution for grid-based data entry. For example, you can display a calendar when the end user edits a cell containing a date value.

Automatic Character Filtering

Establish tables of valid or invalid characters to ensure only valid characters are entered by the user. You won't need to write code to make sure end users don't type invalid characters — like using letters in a Social Security Number.

Automatic Data Validation

Dates, times, and numeric values can have maximum and minimum values set as properties, eliminating the need for range-checking code. In the case of dates and times, the controls handle data validation.

Wide Range of Input Masks to Choose From

Select from a choice of predefined edit masks or data values for input and display, or define your own.

Smooth Input and Navigation

True DBInput provides smooth data input, selection, and key navigation styles. These can also be easily adapted by end users in a short period of time.

Shortcut Keys

Define your own shortcut keys to clear the contents of a control, move to the next/previous field/control, show a calendar or a calculator, or retrieve the current system date and time. Standard shortcut keys for Cut, Paste, Copy, Select All, and Undo are also available.