Retrieve and display data efficiently in ActiveX

Patterned after the DBList and DBCombo controls included in Visual Studio, True DBList adds dozens of data presentation and UI features for unbeatable power and flexibility. Quickly implement multicolumn lookup tables with incremental search, and take advantage of more than 250 properties, methods, and events to create sophisticated apps.

Bind Data and Customize Cells

  • Bind your list to a data source, or go unbound and let your list manage the data
  • Add in-cell objects to display special data, including bitmaps, command buttons, check boxes, and radio buttons

Split a List, Search for Items, and AutoComplete Text

  • Use splits to create a fixed, non-scrolling column anywhere in your list
  • Quickly locate list items with either single-character matching or incremental search
  • Automatically fill the text portion of a True DBCombo with matching field data as a user types