Add spell checking and a thesaurus to ActiveX apps

ComponentOne VSSpell 8.0 adds complete spell checking and thesaurus functionality to any of your VB applications. Just place the VSSpell control on your VB form, and you instantly have spell-checking abilities. Place the VSThesaurus control on your form for access to a professional thesaurus file. Lightweight and easy to distribute with no external dependencies, VSSpell is a must-have for any application.

As-you-type Spell Checking

Link the VSSpell control to any text box or rich text box to monitor the control to underline user spelling mistakes with a wavy red line just like Microsoft Word, or provide users with custom warnings.

International Dictionaries

VSSPELL includes additional British English, Spanish, and Dutch Dictionaries.

The provided dictionaries are listed below:

  • 253,000-word British English Combined Dictionary
  • 73,000-word British English Condensed Dictionary
  • 91,000-word Spanish Dictionary
  • 160,000-word Dutch Dictionary

Unlimited Text Length

Spell check a word, a sentence, a paragraph, or entire documents at once.

Custom Dictionaries

Create custom-built dictionaries and thesaurus files that you can distribute with your application using DictUtil.exe, the powerful dictionary utility. Customized dictionaries and thesaurus files are particularly helpful for words and phrases specific to certain industries.

AutoLink to RichTextEdit Controls

You can link the control to regular TextEdit or RichTextEdit controls to correct spelling mistakes without disturbing the text format.