View and format documents within Visual Studio

With VSView® 8.0 Classic Edition, you can quickly and easily view, format, export, and print your documents within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Easily Preview Your Documents

VSVIEW Classic documents can automatically be loaded into a Web browser or your Windows application. End users can then zoom, pan, scroll, and navigate the document with unprecedented ease and flexibility. Find and retrieve text, include invisible tags to pop-up help or hyperlinks, and more.

Create Documents with Consistent Formatting

The Styles property separates format information from content generation, making it easy to create documents with consistent formatting. You have full control over formatting of paragraphs, tables, fonts, colors, alignment, and justification. You’ll also find options for scaling, cropping, and aligning pictures.

Export to Popular File Formats

VSVIEW Classic can export documents to RTF and HTML while preserving all font and paragraph formatting as well as tables. You can work with your RTF document in any RTF-enabled program, like Microsoft Word, or you can work with your HTML document in a browser, choosing either scrolling or paged HTML mode. You can also export to PDF.

Add Print Preview to Your Application in a Snap

Load a document directly from a website into a browser on a client's machine, and print on a local or network printer with the URL property.