Build ASP.NET MVC BI Dashboards in Your Web Apps

  • With the Dashboard Layout, you can embed ComponentOne's data controls into dynamic screens and business intelligence dashboards
  • Choose layouts that fit screen requirements and utilize built-in features, such as drag and drop, maximize and restore, save and load layout and convert existing layouts
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Choose from Four Out-of-the-Box Layouts

Flow Layout

This layout type allows users to arrange child containers into rows or columns.


Split Layout

This type of layout is helpful when flow layouts do not fulfill the requirements and a split layout is required.

Auto-Grid Layout

This type of layout allows users to arrange items in a tabular form consisting of rows and columns in groups.

Manual Grid Layout

This type of layout allows users to specify the row and column numbers where each c1-manual-grid-tile should be positioned.

Drag and Drop Controls Around the Dashboard

Hover over the child container to drag the item from one position to another. The remaining child containers automatically adjust to this change due to the respective layout rules.

Maximize and Restore Controls

Maximize and restore child containers using the built-in icons. When you maximize the child container, it covers the parent surface like a model window and it can be restored using the corresponding restore icon.

Resize Controls in the Dashboard

Resize child containers by dragging your mouse along the border. When you resize a control, the border style will be updated.

Save and Load Layout

The public API enables you to save and load the layout to local storage in XML format through the SaveLayout & LoadLayout methods.

Header and Tools

Supports optional header and configurable ContextMenuStrip for the child containers.