Industry's Best ASP.NET MVC Datagrid Control

Power your web applications with the industries most flexible, full-featured ASP.NET MVC datagrid. FlexGrid delivers that extra layer of flexibility to get exactly what you need.

  • Customize the grid with full control over how each cell is rendered
  • Take advantage of built-in features like filtering, grouping, hierarchical tree views, and more
  • Load and display large data sets quicker than any other ASP.NET MVC datagrid


An ASP.NET MVC datagrid is a user interface control for displaying, editing, and analyzing large data sets. FlexGrid is a .NET datagrid optimized for high-performance and flexibility, enabling .NET developers to customize every aspect of the control.


Why Choose FlexGrid for ASP.NET MVC?

Familiar, Excel-Like Experience

FlexGrid delivers features similar to Microsoft Excel, such as cell selection and editing, so your datagrids will be intuitive and your end-users will be more productive.

All-in-One Data Management

FlexGrid is primarily used for editing, visualizing, and analyzing tabular data, and is packed with features that data entry and business analysts will love.

Optimized for Large Data Sets

FlexGrid is designed to aid large data sets with features like grouping, aggregation, and on-demand loading which delivers smooth scrolling without any flicker or delay.

Hierarchical Grids for Any Scenario

Get the perfect hierarchical ASP.NET MVC datagrid for your web application. Create treeviews, group data with summaries, or build nested grids. 

Touch-First with Responsive Features

The ASP.NET MVC datagrid has been designed with mobile users in mind. Get built-in touch support and responsive column layouts that look nice on any device.

Built Upon True JavaScript Components

ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC controls provide server-side functionality on top of Wijmo UI - true JavaScript components written to the ECMAScript 6 standard.

ASP.NET MVC Datagrid Key Features

Flexible Data Binding

FlexGrid supports several ASP.NET MVC datagrid data-binding scenarios. Populate the grid using AJAX binding, JSON, OData, models or configure remote data binding.


Through paging, you can customize the number of items that should be displayed per page and provide a UI for navigating the pages in the ASP.NET MVC datagrid.


Bind one ASP.NET MVC datagrid to another using FlexGrid and create a master-detail scenario. Drill-down into data by clicking on a row in one grid that shows related data in the second grid.

Virtual Scrolling

FlexGrid provides support for virtual scrolling while working with voluminous data. You can easily bind the FlexGrid with large data sets and experience smooth scrolling without any flicker or delay. This is supported through its disable server reading feature.

Custom Cells

Fully customize the ASP.MVC datagrid cells in FlexGrid to apply conditional formatting or visualize the data differently. FlexGrid for ASP.NET MVC supports this through the item-formatter event or cell templates. Cell templates let you customize the cell contents to contain any HTML. Apply cell styles using CSS.

Editing and Selection

Normal and Batch Editing Modes

FlexGrid has built-in support for Excel-like, fast, in-cell editing. There is no need to add extra columns with 'Edit' buttons that switch between display and edit modes. Users can start editing simply by typing into any cell. The ASP.NET MVC datagrid also has in-built support for batch editing, where the user can update, create or remove multiple items and commit all changes to the data source at once.

Custom Editors

FlexGrid provides several built-in editors to enable efficient in-cell editing for numbers, dates, checkboxes, and data-mapped combo-boxes. Or use any control to provide a custom editor.

Checkbox Selection

Display checkboxes for row selection. This is very useful on mobile devices, which have no keyboards with shift and control keys for extended selections. The checkbox selection can be used on header columns as well as hierarchical views.

Filtering and Grouping


Enable filtering to filter on any column's data, by condition or value. FlexGrid supports drop-down filters in the column headers, like Microsoft Excel, and exclusive value search that allows you to exclude items from the filter.


Provide full-text filtering, or searching, on FlexGrid with a simple UI. The FlexGrid search box filters the data and highlights matches on the grid as you type. Search across multiple columns, invisible columns, match case sensitivity, and apply CSS highlighting.


Create a hierarchical view of your data by grouping. FlexGrid for ASP.NET MVC supports dynamic grouping by code, or through end-user interaction by dragging column headers into the grouping panel. You may also customize the text displayed on the group headers to show summaries.


FlexGrid is so flexible that it can be used as a super-advanced TreeView. As a "TreeGrid", you can add hierarchical grouping to display data in a tree-like structure, complete with summaries, multiple columns, sorting, editing, and everything else you get from a rich ASP.NET MVC datagrid.

Column Features

Freezing and Pinning

FlexGrid offers Excel-like row and column freezing and pinning. This allows users to keep rows and columns in view as they navigate the content of the datagrid. The difference is pinning allows any column to be frozen.

Column Footers

Customize FlexGrid to display non-scrollable rows below the grid data containing summary information such as subtotals.

Responsive Column Sizing

FlexGrid allows you to specify column sizing in code, as well as allow users to resize columns at runtime. Additionally, columns can be set to responsively fill the space (also known as "star sizing").

Transposed Grid

The TransposedGrid extension represents columns as data items and rows as item properties. Transposed layouts are useful for comparing items or displaying few data items where each item has many properties.

Additional Features

Column Bands

Create collapsible column bands to group columns together. Organize your datagrid columns or visualize a hierarchical relation between columns.

Column Reordering

FlexGrid allows users to modify the column order by dragging and dropping their headers. Save and persist the layout as JSON for future runs of the application.

Cell Merging

FlexGrid supports content-driven cell merging. This allows you to merge matching adjacent cells across columns and down rows. Merge header cells, create custom cell merging rules, and set restrictions on how FlexGrid merges cells.

Multi-Column Sorting

FlexGrid supports sorting, ascending, and descending, by clicking on the column headers. It also supports sorting by multiple columns.

Detail Row

Drill into a row of data to show more details inside a collapsible panel. You can display an input form, a child data grid, or anything else within the detail row.

Data Mapping

Data maps provide the ASP.NET datagrid with automatic lookup capabilities. For example, you may want to display a customer name instead of his ID, or a color name instead of its RGB value.

Import & Export to Excel

Import and export the MVC datagrid to Excel (XLSX) and save the formatting information in addition to the data. The saved files will include most formatting information including row and column dimensions, fonts, colors, formats, and cell alignment.

Export to PDF

Export the MVC datagrid to PDF by breaking the grid into several images and rendering the images to a document. Column headers can be repeated on each page for maximum readability.


Validate data entry with built-in formatting and error detection, or use unobtrusive validation to validate as the user types. Apply CSS to cells containing errors.


Register your desired culture and FlexGrid will format numbers and dates appropriately. The client FlexGrid is localizable, and you can take advantage of this feature for modifying the UI strings and also the lists of conditions and operators.


Handle Arabic, Hebrew, and other right-to-left languages with the globalized FlexGrid automatically. This is supported using the HTML 'dir' attribute.


The ASP.NET MVC FlexGrid has built-in support for web accessibility following ARIA 1.1 standards and section 508 compliance for users with disabilities.

ASP.NET MVC Datagrid Demos

FlexGrid Showcase Demo

Test the performance of our ASP.NET MVC FlexGrid with up to 100,000 rows along with several key features. See grouping, row details, custom cells, column picker and more.

FlexGrid Explorer

View demos for all key features in the ASP.NET MVC Control Explorer. Configure key properties, view the sample source code, and documentation for each feature.

FlexGrid 101

Get started with the ASP.NET MVC FlexGrid quickly with these easy-to-follow tutorials.

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