ASP.NET MVC datagrid is a user interface control for displaying, editing, and analyzing large data sets. FlexGrid is a WPF datagrid optimized for high-performance and flexibility, enabling .NET developers to customize every aspect of the control.

  • Familiar, Excel-Like Experience

    Most of FlexGrid's interactive features are based on Microsoft Excel, so users will be instantly familiar with keyboard navigation, cell selection, editing, sorting, freezing, and grouping features. You can even import and export to Excel.

  • Hierarchical Datagrids for Any Scenario

    When it comes to aggregating data and displaying hierarchical views, FlexGrid for ASP.NET MVC has you covered. Create treeviews, group data with summaries, or create nested grids using the row details feature. Get the perfect hierarchical grid for your web application.

  • The Most Flexible, Full-Featured MVC Datagrid

    While other ASP.NET MVC datagrids meet most of your requirements, FlexGrid delivers that extra layer of flexibility to get exactly what you need. FlexGrid gives you full control over how each cell is rendered programmatically. Plus, it comes with dozens of must-have, built-in features.

  • High-Performance, Fast Data Loading

    The MVC FlexGrid supports virtual scrolling, which means you can load data on-demand as the user scrolls. You can easily bind the datagrid with large data sets using models or other data sources, and experience a smooth scrolling without any flicker or delay.

  • Touch-First with Responsive Features

    The MVC FlexGrid has been designed with mobile users in mind. Take advantage of built-in touch support and adaptive column layouts that look nice on any device.

  • Built Upon True JavaScript Components

    ComponentOne ASP.NET MVC controls provide server-side functionality on top of Wijmo UI - true JavaScript components written to the ECMAScript 6 standard.