• Deliver the Microsoft Excel experience in your apps

    In addition to behaving like a data grid, FlexSheet provides an Excel-like experience. Manage multiple tabbed worksheets, analyze and evaluate formulas with built-in functions, apply cell styles and do more on the web.

  • Work with your existing data

    Take advantage of the full .NET development platform to power the backend of your users' spreadsheets or work with JavaScript on the client-side. Import and export existing Microsoft Excel files, bind FlexSheet to an external data source such as JSON, or work unbound.

  • Familiar, fast, and flexible

    FlexSheet is focused on key features from Excel but in a smaller, faster package. A small core on HTML5, JavaScript, and ASP.NET offers limitless possibilities for extensibility. FlexSheet's features - from keyboard navigation to data entry - were designed to feel familiar and help your users skip training.

Import and Export Data

  • Import, edit, and export Microsoft Excel files (.xls, .xlsx) asynchronously from the server
  • Save and load spreadsheets as a JSON workbook object using client-side methods
  • Bind FlexSheet to an external data source or go unbound
  • When unbound, start with a blank sheet and programmatically set cell values using pure JavaScript or C#

FlexSheet Explorer Demo

Manage Multiple Worksheets

  • Manage multiple worksheets with an Excel-like tabbed interface
  • Switch between sheets, edit content directly on the sheet, and update content via code
  • Manipulate sheets within a workbook: create new sheets, delete sheets, rename sheets, and so on
  • Include references to other sheet or cell values
  • Insert, delete, freeze and reorder rows and columns
  • Protect sheets and lock cell ranges to prevent users from editing

Analyze and Evaluate Formulas

  • Analyze and evaluate Excel-style formulas with FlexSheet's own powerful formula engine
  • Work with nearly 100 built-in functions including Logical, Math, Statistical, Text, Lookup, and DateTime
  • FlexSheet displays an error message when it catches an invalid formula
  • Customize the formula bar UI using the separate C1FormulaBar control

Apply Cell Styles and Formatting

  • Customize cell styles, including font, color, placement, and borders
  • Specify the display format for numbers, currency, percentage, and date
  • Apply styles and formatting to the whole sheet, including rows, columns, cells, and cell ranges
  • Merge cells together to enhance the readability of your data
  • Turn a range of cells into a Table to better manage and analyze related data
  • Show or hide header and grid lines

Filter, Sort and Autofill Data

  • Apply conditional and value-based filtering just like Excel
  • Fill cells automatically with data (autofill), that follows a pattern, by dragging the bottom right corner of the cell.
  • Sort the spreadsheet by any column to better visualize the data set