• Effortless Selection of Multiple Items

    MultiSelect provides an effortless approach when selecting multiple items from ASP.NET MVC Listbox. Text input with autocomplete and a drop-down of options simplify the option-picking process for end-users.

  • Flexible, Smart Header Gives You Options

    MultiSelect has a smart header that can display items as separate tags, plain text, or summarize the count when there are too many items selected.

  • An MVC Tag Editor for Editing Labels

    The MultiSelectAutoComplete controls can be used to provide MVC tag editing and label editing functionality. A bound data source is not required.

Format the Header

The MVC MultiSelect control has a fully customizable header, which, by default, displays up to two items selected from the list. If more than two items are selected from the list, then the header displays the count of selected items. You can control this default behavior to:

Specify the separator character and enable wrapping.
Configure the header to summarize the selected items once they go beyond a specified limit.

  • Adjust the maximum number of selected items to display in header.
  • Customize the message to be displayed when no items are selected.
  • Set the format string to show the item count.

ASP.NET MVC Header Format

Edit Mode with Autocomplete

The MultiSelectAutoComplete control supports text input; this makes editing a list of labels or tags quick and easy.

Once you enter text in the control field, it starts searching for items that match the entered string. It then displays a list of possible results.

ASP.NET MVC MultiSelect AutoComplete Control

Dynamic Data Binding

The MultiSelect controls can display a list of items from a bound data source, accomplished by binding it with a collection of objects and specifying the member path properties. Bind it to an array or ICollectionView object. Additionally, the MultiAutoComplete control allows you to set a function that helps the control to provide list items dynamically as the user types the string.

ASP.NET MVC Dynamic Data Binding MultiSelect Control

Multiple Columns and Wrapping

The items within the drop-down can be displayed across multiple columns. The selected item tags can also be wrapped within the header.

ASP.NET MVC Drop-Down Items Displayed with Multiple Columns