Display a key measure on a dashboard

The BulletGraph control is a type of linear gauge designed specifically for dashboard usage. It displays a single key measure — along with a comparative measure and qualitative ranges — to instantly signal whether the measure is good, bad, or in some other state.

Display Values

The bullet graph control offers a ShowText property that determines which values should be displayed as text by the bullet graph.

ASP.NET MVC Bullet Graph

Customize with Themes

The appearance of BulletGraph is largely defined in CSS. In addition to the default theme, you can choose from several professionally-designed themes that customize the appearance of all MVC controls to achieve a consistent, attractive look.

ASP.NET MVC Bullet Graph Styles

Show Ranges

BulletGraph has a Ranges property that contains an collection of Range objects. By default, the ranges are displayed on the face of the bullet graph to indicate zones of interest.

ASP.NET MVC Bullet Graph Ranges

Set Direction

BulletGraph offers the Direction property to determine how it should be displayed. The Direction property has four options: Up, Right, Down, and Left.