Create Powerful Spreadsheets in ASP.NET MVC Apps

Add Excel-like spreadsheets to your web applications with FlexSheet, and give your users a powerful and familiar tool for analyzing data. Easily import spreadsheets, apply formulas, format and freeze cells, and export data to Microsoft Excel with fast, lightweight FlexSheet.

*Available only in ComponentOne Ultimate.

Familiar, Fast, and Flexible

  • Implement Excel's top features in a smaller, faster web-based package
  • The small core on HTML5, JavaScript, and ASP.NET offers limitless possibilities for extensibility
  • Easily write readable, markup-style code with TagHelper and Intellisense support
  • FlexSheet's features — from keyboard navigation to data entry — were designed to feel familiar and help your users skip training
  • Supports Excel-like tables with headers and sorting

Check out the FlexSheet Explorer demo »

ASP.NET MVC FlexSheet Tag Helpers

Support and Integration

  • Familiar, Excel-aligned formula operations include aggregation, mathematics, logic, and text
  • Perform user-defined calculations on data with custom functions
  • Import existing Excel spreadsheets into FlexSheet, modify them, and then export them back to an Excel file
  • FlexSheet supports asynchronous loading and saving of Excel files on the server
  • Create workbooks in code using C1Excel and view them in FlexSheet
  • Create workbooks in .NET code and view across browsers with FlexSheet's easy C1Excel integration

ASP.NET MVC Excel-Like Spreadsheet

Working with Data

  • Bind FlexSheet to a data source or go unbound
  • When unbound, start with a blank sheet and programmatically set cell values using pure JavaScript
  • Save FlexSheet to a JSON workbook object model using the client-side Save method
  • Load JSON data using the client-side Load method