Build interactive hierarchical lists in ASP.NET MVC

Add checkboxes, images, text, or HTML to your hierarchical lists and customize to your app's needs using TreeView for ASP.NET MVC.

Collapse, expand, and animate your TreeView

Options for the ASP.NET MVC TreeView include:

  • Collapse/Expand a single node
  • Collapse all/Expand all
  • Autocollapse
  • Expand on mouseclick
  • Animation
  • Out-of-the-box support for drag-and-drop

ASP.NET MVC TreeView Collapse

Customize with CSS

With simple CSS, you can customize the look of your TreeView's font, color, font style, and even include images to represent node items.

  • Add an accordion:These multi-pane panels expand only one panel at a time, keeping the interface uncluttered. Customize the CSS for the header displays, and enable autoCollapse so unselected panels are automatically hidden.
  • Customize the nodes: Add images to your TreeView nodes with the formatItem event.

ASP.NET MVC TreeView Customize with CSS

Add a navigation tree

The simplest, most common use for the TreeView control is simple navigation; the control's hierarchical structure and auto-search functionality make it easy for users to drill down and find the items they need. By using the selectedItemChanged property, you can perform an action when the user selects a new item.

Support large data sets with lazy loading

Support a large hierarchical data set with the built-in lazy loading properties. Simply setting the property allows you to load only the visible data, cutting precious time off your web app's performance. Read more >>