• Add Hierarchical Navigation

    The Blazor menu adds useful hierarchical navigation along the top, bottom or sides of your web applications.

  • Add Pop-Up Menus

    The Blazor menu can be displayed and launched from a button anywhere in your application to provide helpful pop-up menus.

  • Essential Menu UI Component

    The Blazor menu component fills the gap and saves you development time since it is an essential UI component not found in the Blazor platform or HTML.

Horizontal and Vertical Layouts

Create a classic menu system at the top of your application, or create a side-bar list pages on the left of your application. With flexible orientation, the Blazor menu control can be used in more ways than one. The menu can also be nested to create hieararchical navigation systems.

Customize the Header

The UI button that displays the menu can be whatever you want it to be. Display an image, three dots, an arrow, or just use plain text. When you customize the Blazor menu header, the menu control can be used as an all-around pop-up menu anywhere in your web application.

Customize the Menu Items

In addition to customizing the header, the menu items themselves can be customized to display rich content. Add images along with rich, formatted text to create hierarchical, nested menus.