Built-in Filtering, Grouping, Sorting, Globalization

  • Full-Text Filtering - Instant filtering that can match exact case, partial text or whole words across all columns
  • Filter Row - Filter a single column using a filter row at the top of the grid.
  • Grouping - Display grouped data with a customizable group header
  • Sorting - Quickly sort by clicking or tapping column headers

Selection, Formatting, and Editing

  • Cell Selection - Supports cell, cell range, row and row range range selection
  • Freezing - Freeze rows and columns so they remain static and visible as the user scrolls
  • Merging - Merge across rows and down columns
  • Checkbox Selection - Select multiple non-adjacent rows using checkboxes
  • Conditional Formatting - Use CellFactory to create custom cells to meet any criteria

Row & Column Features

  • Add New Row - Users can easily add new rows. The placeholder can be at the top or bottom
  • Column Generation - Let FlexGrid automatically generate columns when bound or define them yourself
  • Custom Columns - Create custom columns with images, numeric input, datetime or whatever your application needs
  • Detail Row - Make hierarchical grids by grouping data in a custom format collapsed beneath each row
  • Responsive Column Sizing (Star Sizing) - Allow FlexGrid to automatically adjust column sizing to fill available space
  • Resize columns using the mouse.

Data Binding

  • Flexible Data Binding - Full support for common .NET binding scenarios
  • Virtual Mode / On-Demand Loading - Improve performance with large dataset by only retrieving the data the user can see
  • Pagination - Set page length and scroll forward and back to pages
  • Unbound Support - Create complete grid directly from code and fill them programmatically or collect input from users


Export, Import, and Printing

  • Export to CSV, Text and HTML - Export your grid to all common formats