AutoComplete for Quick Capture

  • Give the power of search and selection to the user with the C1AutoComplete control.
  • Data-bind the control to a list of enumerable objects that can be sorted and grouped through the collection view.
  • Quickly capture input from the user with autosuggest functionality.
  • View completion suggestions in a drop-down list while the user types in the editable textbox, and style the highlighted matches.

Editable ComboBox for Item Selection

  • With the C1ComboBox you can display a list of items in a drop-down.
  • Supports item template customization, text input capability, auto-suggestion as the user types, and a full-screen mode that is designed for mobile web apps.

Classic Checkbox for Boolean Values

  • Visualize and provide user input for Boolean values.
  • Use it inside FlexGrid cells for non-adjacent, multi-row selection.

Display and Navigate Paged Data

  • The C1DataPager control for Blazor provides paging for C1FlexGrid and C1ListView.
  • It supports button template customization, text customization, and custom styling.

A Standard TextBox with AutoComplete

  • ComponentOne Blazor Edition includes a standard textbox that you can use in your C# web apps.
  • In addition to text input, C1TextBox provides autocomplete functionality similar to C1AutoComplete and C1ComboBox.