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C1.Blazor.Accordion Assembly / C1.Blazor.Accordion Namespace
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    C1.Blazor.Accordion Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents an item of accordion.
    ClassCollection of AccordionItem.
    ClassPanel that lays out C1Expander´s.
    ClassItemsControl that contains C1Expander. It allows only one item to be expanded at a time (similar to the NavigationBar in Outlook).
    ClassC1Expander is a C1.Blazor.Core.C1HeaderedContentControl with a collapsible/expandable panel. The content is visible by clicking on the header.
    ClassButton used in the C1Expander header.
    EnumerationSpecifies the direction in which a C1Expander control opens.
    EnumerationSpecifies how the expander icon is aligned inside the header.
    EnumerationSpecifies the expanding behavior for C1Accordion which determines if how many items can be expanded s expands.
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