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    Quick Start
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    This quick start guides you through the steps of adding the FlexChart control in your Blazor application, adding data to it and displaying the data in the control. In this example, we create a data source for FlexChart by creating list of countries and their GDP values for respective years and bind the list to the FlexChart control to display the data using Bar Chart in the control.


    Create a Blazor App

    1. In Visual Studio, select Create a new project from the Get started pane.
    2. In the Create a new project dialog, select Blazor App and click Next.
    3. In the Configure your new project dialog, provide name of the project you want to create in the Project name field and location for the project in the Location field. Click Create.
    4. In the Create a new Blazor app dialog, select Blazor Server App template and click Create. A new server-side Blazor app is created.
      Note: Blazor Client-side app or WebAssembly app can be created using the Blazor WebAssembly App template. For details, check the Blazor WebAssembly topic in Blazor templates.

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    Configure References

    1. In the Solution Explorer, right click Dependencies and select Manage NuGet Packages.
    2. In NuGet Package Manager, select as the Package source.
    3. Search for C1.Blazor.Chart package and click Install.

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    Configure the Data Source

    In the code, add a DataSource class to create a list of data for the FlexChart control.

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    @code {
        public class GdpDataSource
            public static List<object> GetCountryGdp()
                return new List<object> {
                        year = "2014",
                        US = 17348075,
                        China = 10356508,
                        year = "2015",
                        US = 18036650,
                        China =11181556,
                        year = "2016",
                        US = 18624450,
                        China = 11232110,

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    Bind FlexChart to Data

    To bind FlexChart to data, set the ItemsSource property of FlexChart class of which accepts the collection of items for the FlexChart control to create a Bar chart.

    The Binding/BindingX properties should contain the names of properties of items from data source collection (FlexChart.ItemsSource property).

    You need to set Binding property to specify a name of numeric property that should be plotted along y-axis and BindingX property to specify a name of property that should be plotted along x-axis. The property set by BindingX can be numeric as well as string (for category x-axis).

    Also, the ItemsSource/Binding/BindingX can be also specified on a series level. If any of these properties isn't set, the series uses the corresponding properties of parent chart.

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    @using Localization
    @using C1.Chart;
    @using C1.Blazor.Chart;
    <FlexChart Class="chart" ChartType="ChartType.Bar" Stacking="Stacking.Stacked" 
               HeaderContent="Country GDP (M$)" HeaderStyle="font-size:24px"
               LegendPosition="Position.Bottom" LegendStyle="font-size:18px"
               BindingX="year" ItemsSource="@GdpDataSource.GetCountryGdp()">
            <Series Name="US" Binding="US" />
            <Series Name="China" Binding="China" />
            <Series Name="India" Binding="India" />
            <Series Name="UK" Binding="UK" />
            <Axis AxisType="AxisType.X" Position="Position.Bottom" />
            <Axis AxisType="AxisType.Y" Position="Position.Left"/>

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    Build and Run the Project

    1. Click Build | Build Solution to build the project.
    2. Press F5 to run the project.

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