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    Full Screen View
    In This Topic

    ComboBox allows you to display the drop-down list over the whole screen. This feature is especially designed for mobile apps which allows the drop-down part of C1ComboBox to be configured to take over the whole screen when displayed. This mode is very practical for mobile devices as it uses more space to display the list and works seamlessly with soft keyboards.

    ComboBox provides the DropDownMode property to set the display mode of the drop-down list in the ComboBox control. This property accepts values from the DropDownMode enumeration to set the display mode to full-screen, default mode, below or above the header.

    To display the drop-down list in full-screen mode, use the following code. The following example uses the example created in the Quick Start section.

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    @using C1.Blazor.Input
    <C1ComboBox ItemsSource="countries" T="Country" DropDownMode="DropDownMode.FullScreen" Text="Select a Country" />
        IEnumerable<Country> countries;
        protected override void OnInitialized()
            countries = Country.GetCountries();