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    Get Started with Blazor
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    To get started with Blazor, switch between the tabs below to know about installing, uninstalling, licensing, and other system requirements.

    To install Blazor Edition, your system needs the following support.


    • .NET Core SDK 3.0 or above
    • Visual Studio 2019 or above

    Browser Support

    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Safari

    You can install Blazor Edition using ComponentOne ControlPanel. To do so, download the ComponentOne ControlPanel tool from GrapeCity website. For detailed information on ComponentOne ControlPanel and its functionalities, see ComponentOne ControlPanel blog.

    Note: Your machine setup may require you to be logged in as an Administrator to install new software. If this is the case and you do not have Administrator privileges, consult your system administrator.

    Installing Blazor Edition

    To install ComponentOne Blazor Edition, follow these steps.

    1. Open ComponentOne ControlPanel using the ComponentOneControlPanel.exe file. Note that any running instances of Visual Studio must be closed.
      In case you are an existing user, you can login using the registered email address and password. Alternatively, if you are a new user:
      • Register with ComponentOne and create an account by filling the required fields.
      • A verification mail will be sent to your email address.
      • Visit the activation link to verify your email address.
      In case you do not wish to login or register, you can proceed as an anonymous user.
    2. In ComponentOne ControlPanel, click Install button from the Blazor Edition tile.

      Blazor installation
    3. Review the license agreement, and then click the Accept License Agreement button.
    4. Click Accept Settings button to confirm the directory path and start the installation process. In case you want to change the installation and samples directories location, click the Change button and select the location of your choice.

      Accept settings

      Once the installation is completed, the installer displays the Installation Success screen.

      Installation success

    Note: By default, ControlPanel downloads the latest version of an edition. Note that you can select older versions by clicking on the Change/Repair Version button.
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    GrapeCity offers various support options. For a complete list and a description of each, visit the GrapeCity Website at Technical Support.

    Some methods for obtaining technical support include:

    • Online Resources
      GrapeCity provides customers with a comprehensive set of technical resources in the form of FAQs, samples and videos, searchable Online Help and more. We recommend this as the first place to look for answers to your technical questions.
    • Online Support
      The online support service provides you direct access to our Technical Support staff via an online incident submission system. When you submit an incident, you immediately receive a response via e-mail confirming that the incident is created successfully. This email provides you with an Issue Reference ID. You will receive a response from ComponentOne via e-mail in 2 business days or less.
    • Product Forums
      GrapeCity’s product forums are available for users to share information, tips, and techniques regarding GrapeCity products. GrapeCity developers or community engineers will be available on the forums to share insider tips and technique and answer users’ questions. Note that a GrapeCity User Account is required to participate in the GrapeCity Product Forums.
    • Installation Issues
      Registered users can obtain help with problems installing ComponentOne products. Contact technical support by using the online incident submission form or by phone (412.681.4738). Please note that this does not include issues related to distributing a product to end-users in an application.
    • Documentation
      GrapeCity documentation is available online for viewing. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our documentation, please send a feedback to the Documentation team. Note that the feedback sent to the Documentation team is for documentation related issues only. Technical Support and Sales issues should be sent directly to their respective departments.
    Note: You must create GrapeCity Account and register your product with a valid serial number to obtain support using some of the above methods.