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    Using the C1LicenseActivation Tool
    In This Topic

    The C1LicenseActivation Tool is the legacy activation tool used prior to 2020. It can be used to activate serial keys that predate July 2020 (ComponentOne version 2020 v2), as well as license old products after activating a new serial key using the GrapeCity License Manager.

    When you run the ComponentOne Control Panel web installer to install any ComponentOne product, the C1LicenseActivation tool automatically gets installed to the following location:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\ComponentOne\C1StartMenu

    Activating an Old Serial Key

    If you have activated a new serial key after July 2020 using the GrapeCity License Manager, running the C1LicenseActivation tool will automatically generate and install old-style keys so that you may build fully licensed applications using older products. You should see a similar dialog:

    ComponentOne old keys License activation

    To use the C1LicenseActivation tool for activating an old serial key, follow these steps:

    1. Run the C1LicenseActivation tool. The C1LicenseActivation - Activate License window opens as shown in the image below.

    2. Enter your name, company, and serial number.
    3. Select Automatically over the Internet option.
    • Activating your key over the internet will work for offline machines too. As of July 2020, the offline activation mechanism has been taken down and the tool now works the same for online or offline activation.
    • If you have a 28-digit license key you can use just the first 17 digits of your serial number to unlock older products through C1LicenseActivation. For example, for SE307AC-3G-XXXXXX-06-6WNWR1K you would use SE307AC-3G-XXXXXX.