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    Xamarin App Licensing
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    For licensing Xamarin apps with ComponentOne controls, the process depends on your OS and Visual Studio version. You must license your development machine rather than embed a runtime application key.

    Xamarin apps support design-time verification-based licensing through the NuGet package build scripts within ComponentOne controls. Each developer needs a license to build their project. When a valid key is found, the app is properly licensed during the build action.

    Applications that are created on Xamarin require a unique runtime license. If you have a 2020 v1 or earlier key (issued prior to July 29, 2020), you must generate a runtime app key using the GrapeCity Visual Studio Extension. For detailed steps to generate a runtime app key using the GrapeCity Visual Studio Extension, see Generate License using GrapeCity Visual Studio Extension.

    If you have a 2020 v2 or newer key (issued after July 29, 2020), you may continue to use generated runtime app keys, or you may allow the latest ComponentOne NuGet packages to automatically license your app at build. This is quicker and recommended for users with newer keys. For more information, see Generate License Automatically at Build.

    Generate License using GrapeCity Visual Studio Extension

    If you are using ComponentOne controls with Visual Studio 2017 or above, you can use the GrapeCity Visual Studio Extension to license applications, open Sample Explorer, update projects and contact Technical Support. After installation, it gets available with various options as shown below.

    Note: The GrapeCity License Manager through Visual Studio is not yet available for the Visual Studio for Mac users. So, the tool must be run separately. For detailed information on how to activate your keys on a Mac, see Activation on a Mac.

    To use GrapeCity License Manager Extension, follow these steps:

    1. From the Tools menu, select GrapeCity. You will see four options as shown in the image below

    2. Select GrapeCity License Manager. It prompts you to login to the GrapeCity account as shown in the image below.

      You need to login your GrapeCity account. In case you do not have an account, you can create it using the Register option. Once you register, the License Manager window appears as shown in the image below:

    3. Select Create RunTime License. It allows the users to generate runtime license for the project(s). On clicking this option, the following window appears:
    4. From the above window, you can select the license and the project for which license needs to be generated. On clicking the Generate button, a success message appears and a license file GCDTLicenses.xml is generated.

    Note, if you can't access the Visual Studio Extension you may also generate runtime app keys from our website at For detailed steps to license your app using our website, see Licensing Application through Website.

    Generate License Automatically at Build

    Starting with 2020 v2, ComponentOne Xamarin controls support application licensing through the NuGet package build scripts. Each developer or build machine needs a license to build the project and properly license the application.

    In order to license Xamarin application using ComponentOne NuGet packages, all you must do is activate a 2020 v2 (or newer) serial key for the Xamarin Edition or Studio Enterprise through the GrapeCity License Manager. For the detailed steps, see Using GrapeCity License Manager Tool

    This enables the application to build and license the ComponentOne Xamarin Edition controls. The app is successfully licensed by generating a unique and valid .gclicx file in the build output (obj/Debug or obj/Release). This file must be distributed with the application.

    Note that this method licensing is only supported in Visual Studio 2019 and above.