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    Server-Side Operations
    In This Topic

    On the server, CollectionView internally handles sorting, paging, filtering requests by data bound controls. In addition, it provides the server-side CollectionViewHelper class, which is a service that enables collections to have reading, editing, filtering, grouping and sorting ability, similar to .Net ICollectionView. Furthermore, it allows you to perform CRUD operations and BatchEdit actions as well.

    In this section, you learn about the following server-side operations that can be performed using CollectionView.

    Batch Update
    Learn how to define BatchEdit request in controller to update multiple items at a time.
    Learn how to perform create operation in a databound control.
    Learn how to perform delete operation in a databound control.
    Disable Server Reading
    Learn how to disable server reading for Paging operation in a databound control.
    Learn how to enable editing and updating records in a databound control.
    Multiple Controls Data Binding
    Learn how to bind multiple databound control using CollectionView.
    Learn how to use a Read request to retrieve data from the collection.