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    ComponentOne's MVC Edition CollectionView is a service that implements the ICollectionView interface to display data in data-bound controls, such as FlexGrid. CollectionView is a very powerful concept since it provides a layer that wraps the actual data and performs various operations like sorting, filtering, grouping etc. without affecting the actual data. In simple terms, you can think of it as DefaultView of the data table.

    The CollectionView class has the capability of keeping a track of changes made to the data and managing the current record. You can manage edit, add, remove items, and perform paging etc. It implements INotifyCollectionChanged Interface which notifies listeners of dynamic changes, such as when an item is added and removed or when the collection is sorted, filtered, or grouped.

    The CollectionView class implements the following interfaces:

    CollectionView also supports both Server-Side and Client-Side operations.