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    Work with FlexSheet
    In This Topic

    This section comprises all the features and auxiliary functionalities offered by FlexSheet.

    Calculation Precision
    Learn how to set the number of digits after the decimal point.
    Cell Merging
    Learn how to merge cells at run-time and through code.
    Client-side Loading and Saving of Excel
    Learn how to load and save data from an Excel file or workbook on client-side, in FlexSheet.
    Context Menu
    Learn about the context menu available in FlexSheet.
    Data Binding
    Learn how to perform data binding in FlexSheet.
    Drag and Drop
    Learn how to handle drag and drop operation in FlexSheet.
    Excel HTML Entities Export
    Learn how to save an Excel (.xlsx) file with HTML entities content
    Learn how to enable Filtering in the FlexSheet.
    Format Cells
    Learn how to apply styles on cells, in FlexSheet.
    Formulas in FlexSheet
    Learn about the in-built formulas and how to use them at runtime and in code.
    Frozen Cells
    Learn how to freeze cells in the FlexSheet.
    JSON Loading and Saving on Client-side
    Learn how to use workbook object model to load Json string into FlexSheet control.
    Multiple Headers
    Learn how to add or remove row and column headers in the FlexSheet.
    Remote Loading and Saving of Excel
    Learn how to remotely load data from excel file or workbook in FlexSheet.
    Learn how to enable Sorting in the FlexSheet.
    Learn how to add a table in the FlexSheet control.
    Unbound Sheets
    Learn how to add unbound FlexSheet to an MVC application.