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    Work with OLAP
    In This Topic

    This section comprises all the features and auxiliary functionalities offered by OLAP.

    Data Binding
    Learn about different data binding options that can be used to add data to the OLAP controls.
    Defining Fields
    Learn how to add Cube and Pivot fiels in the OAP control.
    Excel Export
    Learn how to export OLAP data to excel file.
    Learn about using value filter, range filter and silcer to filter data in OLAP control.
    Learn grouping of data in the OLAP control.
    Save and Load View
    Learn how to save and load view of an OLAP control.
    Sorting OLAP Data
    Learn about sorting data in the OLAP control.
    Update Field Properties at Runtime
    Learn about accessing and updating field properties at runtime using the object model.