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Quick Start / Quick Start - Using VBAEngine
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    Quick Start - Using VBAEngine
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    This quick start guides you through a process of creating an application that uses VBAEngine, binds CalcEngine to data, assign expression to it and evaluate result.

    Complete the following steps to see how the result is calculated based on the assigned expression using CalcEngine.

    Create Data Source

    Create a class, say Product, to generate data collection for CalcEngine.

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    public class Product
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public String Name { get; set; }
    public int Qnt { get; set; }
    public double Price { get; set; }
    Note that, VBAEngine is the default engine for CalEngine. Hence, you need not pass VBAEngine as a parameter in the C1CalcEngine constructor while initializing an instance of C1CalcEngine.

    Bind CalcEngine to Data Source

    1. Initialize an instance of C1CalcEngine class using the following code.
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      //Initialize C1CalcEngine instance of type VBAEngine
      C1CalcEngine _calcEngine = new C1CalcEngine();
    2. Create an array of type Product and bind it to the CalcEngine using DataSource property of the C1CalcEngine class.
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      //Bind C1CalcEngine to data collection
      var collection = new Product[]
      new Product {Id=1, Name = "Chai", Qnt = 18, Price = 18.1 },
      new Product {Id=2, Name = "Pavlova", Qnt = 11, Price = 17.45 },
      new Product { Id=3, Name= "Sir Rodney's Marmalade", Qnt = 1,
      Price = 40 },
      new Product { Id=4, Name= "Ipoh Coffee", Qnt = 10, Price = 14.0
      new Product { Id=5, Name="Mascarpone Fabioli", Qnt = 16, Price =
      32.0 },
      new Product { Id=6, Name= "Schoggi Schokolade", Qnt = 12, Price
      = 43.9 },
      _calcEngine.DataSource = collection;

    Assign Expression and Evaluate Result

    Assign a VBA syntax expression to the CalcEngine using the Expression property and invoke the TryEvaluate method to calculate the expression.

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    //Assign the expression to be calculated to C1CalcEngine
    _calcEngine.Expression = "=Sum([Qnt]*[Price])";
    //Invoke the TryEvaluate method of C1CalcEngine to calculate the expression
    var res = _calcEngine.TryEvaluate(out object result) ? result.ToString() :
    _calcEngine.GetErrors().FirstOrDefault()?.FullMessage ?? "";//To Evaluate the
    //Display the expression evaluation result
    Console.WriteLine("Total Price of the Products: " + res);