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    Getting Started
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    DataConnector offers everything from wide range of data connection techniques using ADO.NET provider for OData. This documentation helps you get started with C1.DataConnector control which gives an idea about different ways of data connection and operations with OData.

    This quick start will guide you through the steps of using DataConnector in a console application. Complete the steps given below to see how DataConnector works.

    Step 1: Create a new Console App

    1. Open Visual Studio.
    2. Select Create a new project from the Get started pane.
    3. In the Create a new project window, select Console Application and click Next.
      Create new project window
    4. In the Configure your new project window, write your project name, choose location to save your project and click Create.

    Step 2: Add the NuGet packages

    1. From the Project menu, select Manage NuGet Packages. The NuGet Package Manager appears.
    2. Select from the Package source drop down.
    3. Click Browse tab and select C1.AdoNet.OData from the left pane.
    4. In the right pane, click Install. This adds the references for the above packages.

    Step 3: Using ADO.Net provider for OData

    Follow the steps provided below to learn and implement data retrieval using ADO.NET provider for OData.

    1.  The first step is to create a reference to OData service URL.
      const string NorthwindSampleUrl = @"Url=";
    2. In the next step, C1ODataDataAdapter is used to retrieve the data. C1ODataDataAdapter objects retrieve a single result set of all the data that matches a query. Click here for more information on creating connections.

      C1ODataConnection implements the ADO.NET DbConnection, similar to standard ADO.NET connection object. Once the connection is established, adapter's Fill method is used to retrieve the data from the source as shown in the below code example.
      String sql = "SELECT ProductID,ProductName,UnitPrice from Products limit 10";
                  using (C1ODataConnection c = new C1ODataConnection($@"{NorthwindSampleUrl}"))           
         //Open Connection
         using (C1ODataDataAdapter a = new C1ODataDataAdapter(c, sql))
            //Filling Data Table with the help of adapter
            DataTable t = new DataTable();
            //Printing the fetched table data on console
            foreach (DataRow dataRow in t.Rows)
               foreach (var item in dataRow.ItemArray)
                  Console.Write(item + " - ");

    The following output is generated on the console application after executing the above steps.

    OData quick start