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    DataConnectors Overview
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    Applications require data from different sources as the scenario is not limited to relational databases anymore. Applications fetch data from a service of a CRM application for reporting or a public ODATA service to display demographical information for healthcare application. Accessing various sources is a challenging task so it is essential to have a common connectivity interface. 

    DataConnectors are one such service component that can be used for effective data connectivity built over ADO.NET architecture. DataConnectors are a high performance data provider which enables a common interface for accessing different kind of data sources based on established data access technologies. It hides the complexity of connecting to different databases for developing productive data-related applications. The image below depicts brief architecture of DataConnector library.

    DataConnector architecture

    Key Features

    DataConnectors offers a wide variety of features to access data from applications. Here are some key features of the DataConnectors.

    ADO.NET for Dynamics 365 Sales
    ADO.NET for Salesforce
    ADO.NET for Kintone
    SQL Compliance
    OAuth Authorization
    Demo Sample
    DataConnector Demo Sample