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    TextParser Overview
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    We live in a world where there is a wide variety of text documents, log files, and emails. Sometimes, we need to extract a small portion of text from a large document which makes things a little harder. For this, we need to extract specific text from a text file by spliting the given sequence of characters.

    TextParser is a simple yet powerful text parsing library which provides a wide range of text extraction techniques which allows the user to retrieve the desired text from a plain text document, an HTML document or a CSV file. To perform parsing on PDF and DOC files, you need to use C1Document and C1TextParser libraries together. 

    The text can be extracted quickly based on either a regular expression, user-defined XML template, or an HTML markup using TextParser library. You can select any of these techniques depending upon the complexity of the structure of your input text which needs to be parsed. This makes it an efficient and reliable solution for a variety of use-cases.

    To avoid slow and tedious text extraction process, you can use TextParser library to easily capture the necessary information with minimal errors. It supports all the frameworks in .NET Standard 2.0.