ComponentOne Basic Library for UWP
C1.UWP Assembly / C1.Xaml Namespace / C1DragHelper Class / DragStarting Event

In This Topic
    DragStarting Event (C1DragHelper)
    In This Topic
    Occurs when a drag gesture is about to start.
    Public Event DragStarting As System.EventHandler(Of C1DragStartingEventArgs)
    public event System.EventHandler<C1DragStartingEventArgs> DragStarting
    Event Data

    The event handler receives an argument of type C1DragStartingEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following C1DragStartingEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

    Gets or sets a value indicating whether the recognizion of this gesture is canceled.  
    Gets or sets a value indicating whether the element will be captured in pointer pressed event (MouseLeftButtonDown in SL and WPF and PointerPressed in WinRT) or in the first pointer move event (MouseMove in SL and WPF and PointerMoved in WinRT).Capturing the element on mouse down will cause Click, DoubleClick and MouseLeftButtonUp events not to be fired in sub-elements (nested elements in the visual tree), whereas capturing the element on the first mouse move can make it difficult for final users to drag small elements quickly.  
    Gets a reference to the C1DragHelper that originated the event. (Inherited from C1.Xaml.C1DragEventArgs)
    Gets or sets a value that marks the routed event as handled. Setting to true prevents most handlers along the event route from handling the same event again. (Inherited from C1.Xaml.C1InputEventArgs)
    Gets or sets the number of pixels the gesture will have to pass in order to start.  
    Gets or sets the mode indicating the sort of drag to be listened.  
    Gets the arguments of the original event which raised this event. (Inherited from C1.Xaml.C1InputEventArgs)
    Gets a reference to the object that raised the event. (Inherited from C1.Xaml.C1InputEventArgs)
    Gets the type of pointer which performed the action. (Inherited from C1.Xaml.C1InputEventArgs)
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