ComponentOne Basic Library for UWP
C1.UWP Assembly / C1.Xaml Namespace / C1MaskedTextBox Class / Mask Property

In This Topic
    Mask Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the input mask.
    Public Property Mask As System.String
    public System.string Mask {get; set;}

    The mask consists of a string that determines what class of character is acceptable at each input position.

    Valid mask characters are:

    0 Digit (0-9)

    9 Digit or space

    # Digit, space, or sign (+/-)

    L Letter

    ? Letter or space

    A Letter or digit

    a Letter, digit, or space

    & Any character

    . Localized decimal symbol

    , Localized thousand separator

    : Localized time separator

    / Localized date separator

    Other characters are treated as literals. They are displayed in the control but cannot be edited.

    For example, the mask "000-0000" causes the control to accept only digits at every position except the third, which always contains a dash.

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