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    Input for UWP Key Features
    In This Topic

    Input for UWP allows you to create customized, rich applications. Make the most of Input for UWP by taking advantage of the following key features:

    Provide instant formatting on user input using the Mask or Format properties. The C1MaskedTextBox and C1NumericBox controls support the standard formatting strings defined by Microsoft and uses the same syntax as the classic Windows Forms controls. The Format property enables you to use the familiar .NET format strings to display numbers in several formats with support for decimal places. Supported formats include fixed-point (F), number (N), general (G), currency (C), exponential (E), hexadecimal (X), and percent (P).

    Choose whether or not to show prompt characters and literals in the C1MaskedTextBox control by simply setting one property. The prompt character indicates to the user that text can be entered (such as _ or *). Literals are non-mask characters that will appear as themselves within the mask (such as / or -).

    With the C1NumericBox control you can restrict input to a specific numeric range by setting the Minimum and Maximum properties.

    Using the Watermark property you can provide contextual clues of what value users should enter. The watermark is displayed in the control while no text has been entered.

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