ComponentOne DateTimeEditors for UWP
C1.UWP.DateTimeEditors Assembly / C1.Xaml.DateTimeEditors Namespace
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    C1.Xaml.DateTimeEditors Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassAllows selecting and editing date values.
    ClassThe C1DateTimePicker controls allows editing DateTime values. Allows editing DateTime values.
    ClassThe C1TimeEditor control allows editing of System.TimeSpan values in different formats. Allows editing TimeSpan values.
    ClassWrapper class for the C1.Xaml.PropertyChangedEventArgs`1 class for case when T is System.Nullable`1.
    ClassProvides data for the DateValidationError event.
    EnumerationSpecifies the DateTime format the C1DatePicker control displays.
    EnumerationDetermines the C1DateTimePicker edit mode.
    EnumerationSpecifies the TimeSpan format the C1TimeEditor control displays.
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