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    Expression Editor Overview
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    Expression Editor for UWP is a control that enables creating and editing expressions at run-time, which can then be used to perform calculations and shaping data. Powered with Visual Studio-like IDE, Expression Editor offers smart code completion, syntax highlighting, and error reporting functionalities. It provides standard operators, constants, and functions to help perform aggregate, logical, mathematical, and conversion operations on data. This intuitive control can be easily integrated with other data management and visualization controls such as grids and charts, to aid analysis.

    The control is composed of C1ExpressionEditor and C1ExpressionEditorPanel components. Both these components can also be used as stand-alone controls in integration with other supported controls. For example, C1ExpressionEditor component can be used as Excel-like formula bar in integration with FlexGrid to enter expressions.


    The following topics help you get accustomed with the Expression Editor control, and explore its advanced capabilities.

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