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    C1.Xaml.Extended Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassProvides data for C1Book.DragPageFinished event.
    ClassControl that allows the user to create a personalized color by changing the different components of the HSL or RGB representation of the color.
    ClassControl that shows a range of predefined colors from a specified palette.
    ClassC1Book is an ItemsControl that contains elements which are shown as pages of a book. End-users can turn the pages as they would in a real book by using the mouse to drag the pages or double-clicking the corner page.
    ClassC1BookHalfSpan simulates a single large element spanning two pages. Put C1BookHalfSpans in the C1BookItems of opposite pages, adjust the Dock property, and repeat the content to get the illusion of a centerfold image.
    ClassRepresents the items that can be hosted in a C1Book.
    ClassBorder that display a color over a checkered pattern that is visible when a semi-transparent color is set, allowing the user to distinguish easily between clear and transparent colors.
    ClassButton that shows a color, This control is used in the C1BasicColorPickerPart. Button that represents a color.
    ClassThe C1ColorPicker control allows end-users to pick a color from a color palette or use the color editor to build advanced colors using the RGB or HSL color models. The C1ColorPicker control keeps a list of the recently used colors.
    ClassSlider used to chose the hue of a color.
    ClassText box that shows a color in its hexadecimal representation.
    ClassControl that shows a gradient color gamut as well as a slider, allowing the user to chose the color by dragging an indicator.
    ClassControl that shows a gradient color gamut allowing the user to chose the color by dragging an indicator.
    ClassClass that defines named groups of colors.
    ClassClass that contains information about the color, its name and description.
    ClassUtility methods for web colors.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether page templates should be used.
    EnumerationRepresents the different zones inside a C1Book.
    EnumerationPick the mode for the C1ColorPicker.
    EnumerationSpecifies a color theme from the standard Office2007 theme collection.
    EnumerationSpecifies how the page folds interact with the mouse.
    EnumerationSpecifies page fold visibility.
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