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    Step 4: Running the Application
    In This Topic

    As you are done with creating a UWP application that adds C1ColorPicker controls and customizes their appearance and behavior, it is time to run the application and observe the result.

    1. In Debug menu, select Start Debugging option to view the output. You will see a black and white window with two C1ColorPicker controls positioned in the middle of the screen as follows.

    2. In the ColorPicker appearing on the left side, click the drop-down arrow to see that the drop-down box opens below with advanced mode visible, reflecting the changes you made to the control in Step 2.


    3. You can select a color, for instance Red, by various methods and click OK. Notice that the selected color and rectangle's gradient changes, reflecting your choice. 

    4. Click the drop-down arrow in the ColorPicker control appearing on the right side, C1ColorPicker2, to observe that the drop-down box opens in default Basic mode displaying tabs like Color Palette, Standard Colors and Recent Colors. 

    5. Pick a color, say Yellow, in the drop-down box to see that the rectangle's gradient changes as per your selection and would appear as below.

    This complete the Quick Start section, wherein you created a simple application to add and customize the appearance of C1ColorPicker control, and observed some of its key features at runtime.

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