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    Plot Area
    In This Topic

    The Plot Area contains data plotted against X-axis and Y-axis.

    In FlexChart, the Plot Area can be customized by the following properties provided by the ChartStyle object.

    The table below lists the properties available for customizing the Plot Area:

    Property Description
    Fill Sets the color of the Plot Area.
    FontFamily Sets the font of the Plot Area.
    FontSize Sets the font size in the Plot Area.
    FontStretch Sets the font stretch.
    FontStyle Sets the font style.
    FontWeight Sets the font weight.
    Stroke Sets the stroke brush of the Plot Area.
    StrokeDashArray Sets the stroke dash array of the Plot Area.
    StrokeThickness Sets the stroke thickness of the Plot Area.

    Here is the Xaml for customizing the Plot Area of a chart:

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                    <Chart:ChartStyle Fill="#FFF1F1F1"/>

    In addition, FlexChart allows creating multiple plot areas that increase data visibility by displaying a single series in a separate plot area.

    For more information about multiple plot areas, see Multiple Plot Areas.