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    Positioning Annotations
    In This Topic

    In FlexChart, positioning annotations includes two mechanisms (not necessarily in the same order), as follows:

    Positioning Annotations Relative to the Chart

    Positioning annotations relative to the chart includes specifying the attachment and the location of the annotations in the chart.

    FlexChart provides four ways of attaching annotations, as follows:

    Positioning Annotations Relative to the Data Points

    Specify the position of annotations with respect to the data points by setting the Position property from the AnnotationPosition enum.

    The following image displays the Rectangle annotation highlighting the maximum tax revenue in the year, 2013.


    The following code compares tax revenue data of nine consecutive years to display the maximum tax revenue. The code shows how to specify the attachment, location, and position of the Rectangle annotation to Annotation Layer in FlexChart.

    <Annotation:Rectangle Content="Maximum Tax Revenue&#13;2013&#13;45000"