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FlexViewer for UWP / Rotate View of Reports
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    Rotate View of Reports
    In This Topic

    FlexViewer provides you the flexibility to rotate the view of reports to different angles according to your requirements. To rotate view of a report to various degrees of rotation, you can set the RotateView property of C1FlexViewer class. The RotateView property accepts the following values from the FlexViewerRotateView enum describing the rotation angle of the view:

    Rotate View of Report at Runtime

    You can rotate the view of a report at runtime by selecting one of the rotate views from the View dropdown list on the top right corner of the FlexViewer control.

    Rotate View of Report Programmatically

    To rotate view of a report, you can use FlexViewerRotateView enum to rotate view of a report. The following code illustrates the use of FlexViewerRotateView enum:

    flxViewer.RotateView = C1.Xaml.FlexViewer.FlexViewerRotateView.Rotation90Clockwise
    flxViewer.RotateView = C1.Xaml.FlexViewer.FlexViewerRotateView.Rotation90Clockwise;