Getting Started with ComponentOne Studio UWP Edition
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    Making your Windows Store app accessible is making the user interface more usable by people with limitations. This includes support for screen readers and high contrast themes for users with visual impairments. UWP Edition supports the Microsoft UI Automation framework and has support for high contrast themes.

    UI Automation

    UI Automation (UIA) enables accessibility applications, such as screen readers, and coded UI testing to examine user-interface elements. It also enables simulated user interaction from code. The included C1.UWP. Automation library is a set of Automation Peer classes for UWP controls. Each control class uses the UI Automation concepts of automation peers and automation patterns that report the control's role and content to UI Automation clients. This enables the controls to be used effectively in automated UI tests for quality assurance, as well as, enabling accessibility.

    There is a free tool called Inspect.exe that enables you to inspect the current UIA tree, which you can find at:

    \Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\x86.

    High-Contrast Themes

    In addition to light and dark themes, all UWP Edition controls support high contrast themes automatically when the system is set for high contrast. If a user has configured Windows to use a high-contrast theme from their system settings, the framework automatically uses a theme that produces a high-contrast layout and the ComponentOne controls support these themes.

    For more information on Windows Store Accessibility see the Microsoft documentation.