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    Maps for UWP Key Features
    In This Topic

    Maps for UWP allows you to create customized, rich applications. Make the most of Maps for UWP by taking advantage of the following key features:

    C1Maps' vector layer allows you to draw geometries/shapes/polygons/paths with geo coordinates on top of the map. The vector layer is useful to draw:

    • Political borders (such as countries or states)
    • Geo details (for example, showing automobiles or airplane routes)
    • Choropleth maps (based on statistical data, such as showing population per country)

    You can use the vector layer instead of the regular Microsoft Virtual Earth source to show a world map representation.

    The vector layer supports basic KML import/export (KML is the standard file format to exchange drawings on top of maps). For more information, see KML Import/Export.

    Display rich geographical information from various sources, including Bing Map or any custom source. For example, you can build your own source for Yahoo! Maps.

    Maps for UWP allows virtualization of local and server data. Using its virtual layer Maps only displays and requests the elements currently visible.

    Maps for UWP supports panning using the mouse or touch. It also supports mapping between screen and geographical coordinates.

    Use layers to add your own custom elements to the maps. Elements are linked to geographical locations. For more information, see Vector LayerVirtualization, and Items Layering.

    Direct X support gives the C1Maps control smooth panning and zooming.