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C1.Xaml.Pdf Namespace / C1PdfDocument Class

In This Topic
    C1PdfDocument Class
    In This Topic
    Provides methods to create and save Pdf documents.
    Object Model
    C1PdfDocument Class
    Public Class C1PdfDocument 
       Inherits C1PdfDocumentBase
    public class C1PdfDocument : C1PdfDocumentBase 

    When you create an instance of the C1PdfDocument class, you get a Pdf document with a single blank page. You can then add content to the page using methods similar to those available in the .NET Graphics class (DrawRectangle, DrawString, etc.).

    You can add new pages using the C1PdfDocumentBase.NewPage method, and select the page size using the PaperKind or PageSize properties.

    When the document is ready, you can save it to a file or a stream using the C1PdfDocumentBase.Save(string) method.

    The coordinate system used by C1PdfDocument is based on points, with the origin located at the top left corner of the page. You can retrieve the page rectangle (measured in points) using the C1PdfDocumentBase.PageRectangle property.

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