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    Key Features
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    PdfViewer for UWP includes the following key features:

    Load and view PDF files in your Universal Windows apps using the C1PdfViewer control. This XAML control has no external dependency on the desktop or anything from Adobe to view or save files. Content is parsed and rendered as native UWP elements.

    Users can slide the pages to scroll as well as pinch to zoom the document. Zooming can better legibility for reading content on a small screen.

    The C1PdfViewer control supports both Vertical and Horizontal orientation. Just set the Orientation property.

    The C1PdfViewer control supports viewing encrypted files. The C1PdfViewer.LoadDocument method has an optional password parameter to view encrypted files.

    C1PdfViewer supports a subset of the PDF 1.5 specification. There are a few important limitations including encryption, special fonts, and rare image formats. Documents that use non-supported content will still render, but the formatting may be incorrect. It is recommended to use C1PdfViewer in a controlled environment where the features used by your PDF files can be tested before being used. The full list of limitations can be found in the documentation.

    After loading a PDF, you can obtain a list of its pages as FrameworkElements to customize how the user views each page. This enables a lot more flexibility in working with existing PDF documents. Just call the GetPages method. For more information  on how to use the GetPages method see the Printing with PDFViewer tutorial.

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