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UWP Edition Release History / 2015 v3
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    2015 v3
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    Breaking Change

    • [C1ListViewer] The default value of BringIndexIntoView method's second parameter "subOffset"
      is set to null, and it is nullable now. The same fix is done in C1ListViewer's derived controls - C1ListBox/C1TileListBox.

    Excel for UWP

    Bug Fix

    • Fixed the issue where NullReferenceException is thrown on loading an excel file which contains macro with .xlsx/.xls format.

    PdfViewer for UWP

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the issue where watermark image of pdf document is replaced with red cross mark while loading in C1PdfViewer.
    • Fixed the issue where more than one page is moved on clicking the Next Page button of C1PdfViewerToolbar.
    • Fixed the issue where System.NullReferenceException is thrown on loading a pdf document in C1PdfViewer.

    Schedule for UWP

    Bug Fix

    • Fixed issues with Calendar drop-down.