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UWP Edition Release History / 2016 v1.5
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    2016 v1.5
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    FlexChart for UWP

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the issue where currently selected DataSeries is lost while selecting a series and changing ChartType to “Area” at run time.
    • Fixed the issue where FlexChart disappears while adding secondary AxisX and setting AxisX.Origin to 0.
      Fixed the issue where DataSeries with Bubble ChartType is not rendered in FlexChart.
    • Fixed the issue where Rendered/Rendering events of FlexChart/FlexChart.Series are fired even when e.Cancel is set to True in respective events.
    • Fixed the issue where OverflowException is thrown on adding over 8 series into FlexChart. 

    FlexReport for UWP

    Bug Fixes

    • [FlexViewerPane] Fixed the issue where unhandled exception is thrown when the Visibility property is set to "Collapsed".
    • [FlexViewerPane] Fixed the issue where text selection with touch did not work correctly for the second and subsequent pages with display modes other than 96 DPI.
    • [FlexViewerPane] Fixed the issue where customized ZoomFactor value does not properly effect FlexViewerPane. 


    • Added FlexViewer control (Beta version).
    • [FlexViewerPane] Added support for links and text selection.
    • [FlexViewerPane] Improved the object model.

    Maps for UWP

    Bug Fix

    • Fixed the issue where Maps do not move to any direction by pressing arrow keys.

    RichTextBox for UWP

    Bug Fix

    • Fixed the issue where text alignment of cell content is not retained as in original while the nested table is copied and pasted.


    • Added AutoFormatHyperlinks to indicate whether url strings would be converted to hyperlink when the user presses the ENTER or SPACE key.