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    Localizing strings can be done easily with just a bit of code and the built-in localization files. If the language needed is not one that is included, you can create your own localization resource file.

    Note: The file extension for a UWP Edition Resource file is .resw.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Add a resource file to your application:
      1. Right-click or tap your application name and select Add | New Item.
      2. In the Add New Item dialog box, select Resource File (.resw).
      3. Name your resource file so the name reflects the following format:

    [Windows Apps Assembly Name].Resources.[C1 Control].resw

      1. Select Add to add your file.
      2. When your file opens, add or edit the strings to reflect the changes you need to make.
    1. Select the resource file your just added and change the Build Action to PRIResource in the Properties window. 

    1. Run your sample and see the changes you made to the resource strings. In the following images, only the text for the "Paste" function was changed: