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    BaseObject Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by BaseObject.

    Public Constructors
    Public ConstructorOverloaded.   
    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets or sets the brush used to fill the user interface object's image.  
    Public PropertyGets or sets the color of the user interface object.  
    Public PropertyIndicates whether the object is in edit mode, which is started using the BasePersistableObject.BeginEdit method. (Inherited from C1.C1Schedule.BasePersistableObject)
    Public PropertyGets an array of objects representing the key of the BasePersistableObject. (Inherited from C1.C1Schedule.BasePersistableObject)
    Public PropertyGets or sets the menu caption for the user interface object.  
    Public PropertyGets or sets the text which identifies a user interface object.  
    Public Methods
    Public MethodBrings the object in edit mode. (Inherited from C1.C1Schedule.BasePersistableObject)
    Public MethodDiscards changes since the last BasePersistableObject.BeginEdit call. (Inherited from C1.C1Schedule.BasePersistableObject)
    Public MethodOverloaded. Finishes edit mode started by the BasePersistableObject.BeginEdit method and updates a corresponding data source item. (Inherited from C1.C1Schedule.BasePersistableObject)
    Public MethodOverloaded. Overridden. Loads an object from the specified System.Xml.XmlReader.  
    Public MethodOverrides the default behavior.  
    Public MethodOverloaded. Overridden. Saves an object into specified System.Xml.XmlWriter.  
    Protected Methods
    Protected MethodFires property change notification. (Inherited from C1.C1Schedule.BasePersistableObject)
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