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C1.C1Schedule Namespace / CalendarInfo Class / DateTimeKind Property

In This Topic
    DateTimeKind Property (CalendarInfo)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets DateTimeKind specifying DateTime kind used for saving System.DateTime values.
    <C1DescriptionAttribute("CalendarInfo.DateTimeKind", "DateTime kind.")>
    Public Property DateTimeKind As DateTimeKind
    [C1Description("CalendarInfo.DateTimeKind", "DateTime kind.")]
    public DateTimeKind DateTimeKind {get; set;}
    This property only have an influence on the process of saving data to the AppointmentStorage.DataSource object and on export operations. All properties of the Appointment and RecurrencePattern objects represent current system local time values. Set this property to DateTimeLind.Utc if you need to save data with universal time. In such case the data will be converted to the local time and back at every read/write operation.
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