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C1.C1Schedule Namespace / LabelCollection Class

In This Topic
    LabelCollection Class
    In This Topic
    The LabelCollection is a collection of Label objects which represents all available labels in C1Schedule object model.
    Object Model
    LabelCollection Class
    <DebuggerDisplayAttribute("Count = {Count}")>
    Public Class LabelCollection 
       Inherits C1.C1Schedule.BaseCollection(Of Label)
    [DebuggerDisplay("Count = {Count}")]
    public class LabelCollection : C1.C1Schedule.BaseCollection<Label> 

    By default it contains the following set of predefined labels:

    • None
    • Important
    • Business
    • Personal
    • Vacation
    • Must Attend
    • Deadline
    • Travel Required
    • Needs Preparation
    • Birthday
    • Anniversary
    • Phone Call
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